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According to IANS, India plans on making a biopic on Pakistani TV celebrity, Ali Saleem. Saleem is a renowned Pakistani actor, host impressionist and scriptwriter who rose to fame with his mimicry of late Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. They also became the talk of the town with their character Begum Nawazish Ali on TV screens.

For their biopic, CEO EORTV has announced to case Mallika Sherawat. He said, “This is a strong story, a story of boldness and courage. The character is multifaceted and needed someone as courageous and undaunted as the Begum thyself. I am planning to approach Mallika Sherawat for this role as she would be apt for a fearless performance like this.”

He went on saying that it’s crucial to make content on these people as it will encourage others to open up about their sexuality and preferences. He also appreciated Ali Saleem, especially his appearance in Big Boss 4. Pandey said, “Begum Nawazish Ali’s background and childhood is interesting but the journey he makes in due course of his life is even more interesting. He has interviewed the who’s who from business, politics, [and] entertainment with gusto. He has courted satire and controversy but managed to make a place in the hearts of the common man. His life will make for very compelling content on screen.”

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