Indian Man Still Breathing After Doctors Declared Him Dead

An Indian man was kept in a hospital morgue after he was declared dead followed by a road accident. However, when his relatives went to see him in the morgue, they found him breathing.

Srikesh Kumar from Moradabad had an accident with a motorcycle. He was then rushed to a hospital where the doctors of a private hospital announced his death. Later, his dead body was sent to a government hospital for an autopsy.

“The emergency medical officer examined him. He did not find any signs of life and hence declared him dead,” medical superintendent of the hospital, Rajendra Kumar told the media.

He added that the body was transferred to a morgue and the police was informed. However, when his family members and the police arrived and went to the morgue, they found Kumar breathing. Though the 45-year-old is still alive but he is in coma.

According to the superintendent, “This is nothing short of a miracle,” he added.

The authorities are now investigation how the doctors declared him dead mistakenly.

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