Image: Express Tribune

Asad Memon, a young Pakistani mountaineer from Sindh has reached out to Pakistani embassy in Nepal and requested them to make necessary arrangements for his airlift to Kathmandu.

Memon made Pakistan proud by summiting the highest peak in the world on Friday, however he dislocated his hand while coming back.

Memon told local newspathat he got injured betweCamp 4 and Camp 3 while descending nad suffered from a dislocated hand. He further added that he continued moving toward the base camp with one hand only and reached there in three days (normally, it take one to two days to reach base camp).

Asad Memon was also given first aid in the camp. He said, “With my hand dislocated, I can’t travel to Kathmandu by any other means and the only option was air service from the base camp which depends on weather conditions.”

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