Interfaith Iftaar for Peace and Harmony Organized in Karachi

The holy month of Ramadan is a significant time for Muslims globally. It is a time for fasting and spiritual reflection, where families and friends come together to break their fast with a meal known as iftaar. Recently, Sagar Samy and Sunita Oad with the support of the Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness organized an Interfaith Iftaar for Peace and Harmony at SubhanAllah Hall in Karachi. The event aimed to promote diversity and convey a message of peace to the wider community by bringing people from different backgrounds, religions, communities, sects, and cultures together at one table.

The event received media coverage, and over 50 youths participated in the gathering. The guest speakers representing the Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh communities shared their teachings about peace, love, and harmony. They emphasized the importance of understanding and respecting each other’s differences and learning to coexist in peace and harmony. The speakers also highlighted the common values shared among their respective religions.

Prof Manoj Chohan discussed the significance of tolerance and respect for other religions, stressing the need for religions to coexist and learn from each other.

Mr Ali Gul Malah spoke about the importance of diversity and connected peace and interfaith harmony with art and culture. He also discussed the importance of fasting, prayer, and charity in Islam, along with treating others with kindness and respect, regardless of their cultural or religious background.

Sardar Amar Singh and Sardar Maghan Singh discussed the principles of Sikhism, such as compassion, selfless service, and the pursuit of justice for all. They emphasized the need for interfaith dialogue and understanding to bridge the divide between different communities and foster peace and harmony.

The Interfaith Iftaar was a success, and attendees expressed their gratitude for the event. They recommended that more events like this should be organized frequently to promote interfaith harmony and understanding. The media coverage of the event helped spread the message of peace and harmony, which is essential in today’s world.

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