Islamabad Police and Women Face to Face During Aurat March
Image: Video SS from Twitter

International Women’s Day is being celebrated across the globe, including in Pakistan on March 8th, where various events are being held to honour the achievements of Pakistani women. One such event is the Aurat March, which takes place annually in major cities nationwide and advocates for different issues yearly.

Unfortunately, this year’s event in Islamabad was marred by violence, as women’s rights activists clashed with officers from the Islamabad Capital Territory Police. Videos on social media show that the altercation began when police officers attempted to stop the activists from entering a restricted area to participate in the march.

One participant became visibly angry and shoved SP City Nosherwan Ali, who repeatedly asked her not to touch him inappropriately. The situation quickly escalated as more participants attempted to force their way into the restricted area, prompting the police to take action against the trespassing activists.

The incident has sparked a debate on social media, with some criticizing the police for creating unnecessary hurdles and others arguing that the police were simply doing their duty to maintain public safety.

Despite the disturbance, the Aurat March continued as planned, with participants chanting slogans and performing theatrics to raise awareness about important issues. As Pakistan moves forward, it is hoped that peaceful protests can be held without any disruption or violence.

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