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Shamoon Abbasi and Sherry Shah have finally confirmed that they are a married couple. In an Instagram post, Shah wished her husband on his birthday, “I appreciate so many things about you — your strength, your calmness, your character and integrity, your sense of humour, your way of seeing the beauty in the world and how fun you are to be with and how beautiful my life has become because of you.”

She further said, “Thanks for being the best thing in my life, every hardship is a walk in the park when you are around. I feel so blessed to have you as my life partner. Thanks for existing. Happy Birthday hubs.”

Abbasi also shared a picture with Shah earlier this week and wrote, “The hardest people to recruit are the doers, because they can stand up for themselves and reach their goals and their dreams by themselves and they don’t need the by victimhood to be manipulated. Because Allah have blessed them with that strength. My journey might have began somewhere but I pray it ends with you.”

This is not the first time Shah shared a picture of Abbasi on her Instagram. However, this is the first time she has called him her husband. The two reportedly became closer while working for the movie Durj. This is Shamoon’s fourth and Shah’s second marriage.

Shamoon Abbasi also shared on Facebook, “Getting married to someone Infront of Allah’s name is better than to have girl friends living with you .. and being called a stud . hence I am proud to have married again because I always wanted a life that brings peace in my life ..and I finally found that peace in her . Fact is that me and Sherry Shah got married 4 years ago and never shared the news on social media because of the toxicity of social media..Now that it’s Public, I would like to thank every one by heart who sent their prayers for both of us after reading the post of our marriage . I know many will want to joke and troll this news .. but I think haters will hate potatoes will potate and rotis will rotate .. so it’s all good 😊”

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