The Intelligence Bureau (IB), Pakistan’s principal civilian intelligence organisation, is entrusted with obtaining essential information and ensuring national security. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) Pakistan is actively seeking young people between the ages of 18 and 25 for permanent employment in Islamabad, according to a recruitment notice issued by the Assistant Director (HR).

Applicants from all around Pakistan are welcome to apply for these Intelligence Bureau vacancies in Islamabad until December 30. A Matric, Middle, Intermediate, or Bachelor’s degree is required for these positions. The stenotypist role requires a skilled typing speed of 40 words per minute and an extraordinary shorthand speed of 80 words per minute.

Details of Intelligence Bureau Jobs

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Location: Islamabad.
Intelligence Bureau IB Hiring Organisation:

Employment: Full-Time

The Advantages of Intelligence Bureau Jobs

Job Security: Government agencies, such as the IB, often provide a high level of job security. Employees in the government are generally safe, and they are protected against arbitrary dismissal.

Salary and perks: In addition to competitive pay, Intelligence Bureau positions often include a number of allowances and perks, such as housing allowances, medical benefits, and more.

Retirement and Pension payments: Government personnel, including those in the Intelligence Bureau, are eligible for pension payments upon retirement, providing their financial security.

Work satisfaction: Working for the IB allows you to directly contribute to the security and defence of the country. This sense of purpose can lead to a high level of job satisfaction.

Professional Growth: The IB offers chances for professional growth. Employees have access to promotions and chances for specialisation in a variety of intelligence and security domains.

Instruction and Advancement: The IB makes investments in its staff members’ professional growth and education. This could include opportunities to advance knowledge and skills, language instruction, and specialised intelligence training.

Work-life balance: With regular hours and paid time off, government jobs generally provide a good work-life balance. Those who cherish their personal time the most might find this balance appealing.

Benefits for Health: Government workers usually receive full health insurance, which includes dental, vision, and medical coverage.

Accommodation and Transportation: Based on the job description, the IB may offer accommodation and transportation, freeing up staff members to concentrate only on their work.

Service national: You directly contribute to the security and well-being of your country when you work for the Intelligence Bureau. For some people, service and patriotism are strong incentives.

Possibilities for Networking: One benefit of working with the IB is the opportunity to network with coworkers and people from different security and intelligence organisations both locally and internationally.

Intelligence Bureau Job Openings
The following positions are currently open at IB:

Stenographer Naib Qasid D.R Khakrob Driver

Application Methodology
To apply for Intelligence Bureau IB Jobs for Men and Women, please go to the Intelligence Bureau’s official website, complete out the online application form, and send it to the Assistant Director of Human Resources by the deadline.

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