The market facility addresses Karachi butchers in preparation for Eid al-Adha as the Meat Merchants Association has declared official rates for animal slaughtering services. The decision has been made a day ahead of the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee meeting tomorrow ( Friday) to decide about the sighting of the Zil Hajj moon and thus reveal the date of Eid al–Adha.

Nadeem Qureshi, currently serving for the Meat Merchants Association, identified that citizens should generally look forward to variations in pricing based on the size of the animal and the day it will be sacrificed. Thekers have been paid Rs. 20,000 as the fee for slaughtering a heifer for those who wish to sacrifice one on the first day of Eid.

Bathing and offering of goat sacrifices on the first day of the festival will cost a total of ten thousand rupees. Camel sacrifice is significantly pricier going for a flat rate of Rs. 40,000 for those clients willing to offer one.

However, people wanting to keep it a little low budget may look forward to buying one on the second or third day of Eid. Fortunately, it is being served by butchers who are charging relatively lower prices with their being a steep decrease in price from the first day’s charges. This is an approach to coping with this important religious holiday at low prices for different segments of the population.

As the moon-sighting meeting is slated for tomorrow, blessed Eid preparations are underway in Karachi. Even the announcement of slaughtering rates helps to know at least the costs that are connected to be able to manage the family budget.

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