Khurram and his brother Waqar, Arshad Sharif’s hosts in Kenya, allegedly arranged his assassination with the assistance of the local police, claims Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

The federal minister described Sharif’s death as a “target execution” and asserted that “mistaken identity” was not the cause of it while speaking on the Geo News show “Geo Pakistan.” Sanaullah attempted to present a different picture while claiming that the Ahmad brothers assassinated Sharif alongside the Kenyan police. He claimed that “none of the brothers are even granting access to the data on their cell phone.”

“This is a collaborative conspiracy of Waqar, Khurram, and 5 Kenyan police personnel,” the federal minister declared. It’s significant to mention that Khurram was the driver who was there when Sharif was shot, yet he was uninjured and did not sustain any injuries from armed gunmen. 

According to the interior minister, Waqar sponsored Sharif to go from Dubai to Kenya, where he was lodging at Waqar’s apartment. “We have the record of everything,” the minister said, referring to Sharif’s visit to Waqar’s house and his overnight stay as a guest. He also explained that Waqar is not identified in the case since the committee has not yet arrived on the scene to inquire into these aspects.

He went on to add that those who shot the journalist knew exactly who they were blasting away. He claimed that they were aware of Sharif’s seating position. “We have proof that those who drove Sharif to flee the country did so. While some claim Sharif departed because of the conditions in the country, others claim that they called him and asked him to go. But Arshad Sharif didn’t want to go abroad,” he said.

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