Leopards Courier Services ignited the spirit of unity and strength this Independence Day through its highly anticipated event, “Strong Pakistan.” In celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14, 2023, Leopards Courier Services employees, led by CEO Mr. Rizwan Saadat, Company Director Ms. Mehreen Saigal, and their son Mustafa, joined forces with the Hydro Fit Team to break a national record that will be etched in the annals of history.

In an exhilarating display of strength, teamwork, and national pride, Leopards’ employees achieved the extraordinary feat of pulling a colossal 45-foot truck trailer weighing a staggering 16.5 tons. The event was marked by determination and unity as Leopards employees and Hydro Fit participants demonstrated their physical prowess and commitment to the nation.

The event commenced with a spirited warm-up session, followed by the awe-inspiring spectacle of female participants pulling vehicles such as Changan and Foton. The highlight of the event was the momentous achievement of two Leopards employees, who single-handedly pulled the immense 45-feet, 16.5-ton truck trailer, setting a new national record.

The management of Leopards Courier Services and Hydro Fit participants then combined their strength to replicate the accomplishment, further underscoring the spirit of solidarity and perseverance. The event’s vibrant atmosphere was electrified by the enthusiastic support of the crowd, which fervently waved both the Pakistani flag and the Leopards flag, while wholeheartedly cheering on the participants.

Leopards Courier Services is honored to have demonstrated its unwavering commitment to the country by achieving this remarkable feat. This celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day will forever stand as a testament to the dedication, unity, and indomitable spirit of the Pakistani people.

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