Image: FunMag

Mahnoor Baloch is one of the finest actresses Pakistani entertainment industry have ever had. However, the actor is now rarely seen on screen. While appearing on an Eid special show, the actor finally spilled the bean about being missing in action.

Baloch said that it will take our media a lot of time to create interesting role for women belonging to different age groups and backgrounds.

She seemed disappointed with the roles offered to women her age. Baloch said, “It’s a pity that our industry is still developing in which a certain type of role is designed for women, in which the same roles are shown, for them its age limits are also set.” She added, “Unlike the international media industry, which produces stories on different subjects and people of various ages, the Pakistani media industry only focuses on love stories, portraying actors who are much older than their characters.

Mahnoor Baloch also highlighted the double standards of our society and said that “Even though the hero is 55 years old, he won’t look old. But a woman her age would get roles as the hero’s mother. It seems that people’s thinking is changing, and they don’t accept it anymore.”

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