Making this a habit after meals can prevent diabetes and heart disease

A short walk after eating can save you from many life-threatening diseases. Research from the University of Limerick in Ireland has shown that walking for a few minutes after a meal reduces blood sugar and insulin levels.

It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

If you don’t know, blood sugar levels rise after a meal, while insulin is the hormone that helps control blood sugar.

Standing and walking cause muscle spasms, which use glucose for this task, and lower blood sugar levels, the researchers said.

He added that regular physical activity before glucose levels peak is beneficial for health. Glucose levels peak 60 to 90 minutes after a meal.

During the research, 7 research reports were analyzed to see the health effects of standing or walking.

5 of the research reports included subjects without type 2 diabetes or high blood sugar, while the remaining 2 included diabetics and healthy individuals.

The subjects were instructed to stand or walk for 2 to 5 minutes every 20 to 30 minutes throughout the day.

The results showed that standing after a meal is better than sitting, and a short walk has more health benefits.

The study found that standing for a while after a meal improved blood sugar levels but had no effect on insulin while walking reduced both blood sugar and insulin levels.

Walking, doing housework, or moving the body for any reason within 60 to 90 minutes after eating is best for health, the researchers said.

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