This year, it’s not just Santa’s magical white beard spreading holiday cheer. A man from the United States has set a Guinness World Record for the most ornaments hung on a beard and transformed his beard into a Christmas tree. According to Guinness World Records, Joel attached 710 wearable multi-colored holiday ornaments to his beard on December 2, 2022, breaking the record for the most beard baubles in a beard.

For the first time in 2019, the serial record-breaker sported a well-ornamented beard.  “Beardaments” are brightly colored clip-on facial hair accessories that first appeared on “Shark Tank” and quickly became a tacky holiday fashion trend. Strasser was competing against himself this year, having set the record in 2019 with 302 baubles, then breaking it in 2020 with 542 baubles and again in 2021 with 686 baubles. “As a result of breaking records for so many years, my technique has evolved and become more specialized,” Strasser told Guinness World Records.

“At first, I slid them in randomly, which is why those first beard baubles didn’t fit very well. When I take my time and concentrate on the individual strands of beard hair, I can fit many more in there, and the process is time-consuming and painful, as 5 pounds of ornaments tug on the beard. Strasser spent two and a half hours putting the baubles on his beard and another hour taking them off. The baubles used to weigh around 5 pounds. Strasser must remove each ornament individually because each has a tiny alligator clip. Shaking them out would probably rip my beard and face off,” he explained.

When listening to Christmas music, especially the Twisted Christmas album, the record-holder’s beard is more receptive to baubles.

As per the Guinness World Records website, “December of 2019 was the first time I wore an ornament in my beard and the first time I broke the record,” Joel said. “I have broken my own record every Christmas since then as my beard bauble technique has improved.”

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