In a decisive move against corruption, Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi has taken stringent action targeting malpractices within the Lahore Passport Office. Following his visit to the facility in Garden Town, Naqvi identified Deputy Director Faizul Hassan and Assistant Director Muhammad Naseem as responsible parties and promptly dismissed them from their positions.

Naqvi’s visit uncovered rampant illegal activities within the office, with citizens lodging numerous complaints about staff involvement in monetary exploitation and collusion with the passport mafia. During his engagement with citizens, Naqvi listened to their grievances firsthand and collected evidence of malpractices, including widespread bribery demands and unauthorized fees for entry.

The prevailing situation has made obtaining a passport without paying a bribe an arduous task for many citizens. Despite challenges, citizens have expressed admiration for Naqvi’s proactive approach, citing his performance as caretaker Chief Minister and expressing optimism that their concerns will be addressed.

However, officials at the passport office failed to provide satisfactory responses to questions regarding public complaints, further highlighting the need for comprehensive reforms to combat corruption and ensure transparency in government services. Naqvi’s swift action underscores the government’s commitment to rooting out corruption and restoring public trust in administrative institutions.

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