Special Olympics 2023 to feature 117 Pakistani athletes

Get ready to witness a remarkable presence from Pakistan as they prepare to leave their mark at the highly anticipated Special Olympics 2023. This prestigious event is scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany, from June 17 to 25, 2023.

A star-studded Pakistani contingent, consisting of 117 athletes and 30 coaches, totaling 147 members, is fully geared up to embrace the challenges across various sports in this grand competition.

To commemorate this significant occasion and extend their best wishes to the national athletes for the upcoming mega event, the provincial government of Sindh hosted a reception in Karachi today. Esteemed athletes, coaching staff, parents, and notable personalities attended this event, where Ronaq Lakhani, Chairman of Special Olympics Pakistan, conveyed his heartfelt good wishes.

Lakhani expressed deep gratitude to the Sindh government for their unwavering support in ensuring the participation of these athletes. He eagerly anticipates the outstanding performances that the national players will showcase during the Special Olympics. He also emphasized the immense pride it would bring to see the Pakistani flag soar high on the international stage.

With the crucial backing from the provincial government, Ronaq Lakhani emphasized that the athletes have been given the essential support they need to compete in this event.

The Pakistani athletes will be competing in a diverse range of 11 events, including tennis, table tennis, basketball, futsal, cycling, boche, athletics, badminton, powerlifting, field hockey, and swimming. Let us cheer for these exceptional athletes as they strive to achieve greatness and bring honor to their nation on this remarkable platform.

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