Illegal Immigrants

According to a report presented by the interior ministry in the national assembly around 34,786 illegal immigrants were deported to Pakistan in 2022.

Most of these people left the country for better opportunities by illegal means as they could no longer keep up with the rising inflation, low wages, and lack of employment opportunities.

The report also highlighted that these people left Pakistan with the help of human traffickers to Greece, Iran, Siberia, Ukraine, Turkiye, and Bulgaria, Siberia, and Ukraine. Some of these illegal immigrants also went to Italy, Libya, Australia, and New Zealand.

The ministry also reported that the authorities have identified 2,016 people who were traveling on fake documents and cases have been registered against 971 of them.

The victims also helped identify 104 smugglers and agents involved in this illegal activity along with seven airline staff who aided people with fake documents travel to other countries.


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