2022 was a year for short hair and dramatic cuts. From layers to bangs, we saw it all this year. Here is a round up of the most stylish haircuts slayed by Pakistani women.

Curtain Bangs

Picture: Who What Wear

This haircut adds a hint of boldness to one’s personality. Curtain or flirty bangs were the most opted cut by women of all ages. Not only does it cover the face by adding more texture to it, this hair cut also adds a soft touch to the overall look, especially if one has long hair.

Layers, Layers and Layers

Picture: Southern Living

This is the simplest yet stylish haircut on this list. The layers in this cut are a little longer than the flirty bangs, however, it is easier to maintain. Those who opted for it kept your hair natural to add more drama and experiment with new styles. The tip for an amazing layer look is to add as many layers as possible.

Untamed Shag

Picture: Pinterest

Girls who chose the stylish shag did not play around with the texture of their hair and kept it natural. The cut itself looks very untamed and has numerous layers.

Bob Cut

Picture: Hollywood Life

This cut was basically inspired by Selena Gomez. The classic bob cut portrayed by the Hollywood actor involves cutting hair till the chin to enhance the face features. Sliced Bob also trended in Pakistan where the hair is a bit longer on the front than the back.

Which hair cut trend did you like the most in 2022? Let us know in the comments section.

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