The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association has announced that all the dealers will observe a countrywide strike from July 5, 2024. The nationwide strike of the petrol pumps is being done in protest against the government’s decision that impose an advance turnover tax of 0.5 per cent.

According to the Chairman PPDA, Abdul Sami Khan, this tax decision, which forms part of the recent budget, has placed the petrol pump businesses under severe threat to their viability. He said that the already narrow profit margins of the petrol pumps would get further squeezed and many of the pumps would be compelled to shut down operations amidst already challenging economic conditions and high inflation rates.

Khan said meetings were held with the finance minister, but the problems were not taken seriously. PPDA represents 140,000 dealers all over Pakistan and has given a four-day ultimatum to the government to withdraw the advance turnover tax. In the wake of failure, strict actions would be initiated, starting from the nationwide strike on July 5.

This is going to disrupt a great deal; the strike will shut down the petrol pumps of the country altogether. Together with this, it harps on the firm attitude towards the strong actions that are taken in safeguarding the interests of the PPDA members and business sustainability amidst heightened fiscal policies by the government.

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