Actress Nawal Saeed has stepped forward to address the recent controversy surrounding alleged messages from cricketers, urging restraint and discretion during the holy month of Ramadan. Emphasizing the detrimental impact of baseless rumours on social media, Saeed clarified that she refrained from disclosing any specific names in her previous remarks. Notably, she has exonerated cricketer Shoaib Malik from any direct implication in the controversy.

Highlighting the importance of avoiding sensationalism and being mindful of the consequences, Saeed stressed the need for awareness among the public. She underscored that respecting celebrities’ privacy and refraining from making assumptions based on incomplete information is crucial to prevent harm.

“I understand the curiosity surrounding celebrities,” Saeed continued, “but it’s crucial to respect people’s privacy. Making assumptions based on incomplete information can be hurtful.”

In her candid statement on Instagram and in recent interviews, Saeed reiterated the authenticity of her previous remarks without implicating Malik directly. She urged social media users to refrain from spreading unfounded rumours, particularly during Ramadan and emphasized the significance of discretion and sensitivity in public discourse. As curiosity surrounding celebrities continues, Saeed advocates for a culture of respect and responsibility in media consumption and sharing.

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