The Honda CD 70, a long-standing favorite in the Pakistani motorcycle market, has seen a price adjustment following the 2024-25 national budget. Known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability, the Honda CD 70 continues to be a top choice for commuters across the country. Here’s a detailed look at the new pricing and the factors influencing it post-budget.

New Price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan

As of the latest update after the announcement of the 2024-25 budget, the new price of the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is PKR 149,500. This marks a slight increase from the previous price, reflecting changes in economic conditions and budgetary allocations.

Factors Influencing the Price Increase

Inflation and Currency Depreciation:

The Pakistani rupee has experienced depreciation against major currencies, affecting the cost of imported components used in manufacturing motorcycles.

Inflation rates have also contributed to the overall increase in production costs.

Increased Taxation and Duties:

The 2024-25 budget introduced higher import duties and taxes on automotive parts and raw materials. This has directly impacted the cost of production for motorcycles like the Honda CD 70.

Adjustments in sales tax and other regulatory fees have further contributed to the price hike.

Rising Production Costs:

The cost of raw materials such as steel and rubber has seen a global increase, affecting the manufacturing expenses for local producers.

Higher labor costs and increased operational expenses have also played a role in the revised pricing.

Economic Policies:

Government policies aimed at stabilizing the economy and reducing fiscal deficits have led to changes in the automotive sector’s tax structure.

Efforts to boost local manufacturing and reduce dependence on imports might have led to increased costs for components still being sourced internationally.

Features and Specifications of Honda CD 70

Despite the price increase, the Honda CD 70 remains a popular choice due to its robust features and specifications:

Engine: 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled

Displacement: 72 cc

Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.5 liters (including 1-liter reserve)

Mileage: Approximately 60-70 km per liter

Transmission: 4-speed constant mesh

Brakes: Drum brakes (front and rear)

Weight: 82 kg

Starting System: Kick start

Market Reaction and Consumer Impact

The new price of the Honda CD 70 has sparked varied reactions among consumers and market analysts:

Consumers: While the increase in price might strain the budgets of some consumers, the Honda CD 70’s reputation for durability and low maintenance costs continues to make it an attractive option.

Dealers: Motorcycle dealers are adjusting their sales strategies to address the concerns of potential buyers, emphasizing financing options and trade-in deals.

Market Analysts: Experts believe that while the price hike could lead to a short-term dip in sales, the overall demand for the Honda CD 70 will remain strong due to its established brand value and performance reliability.

The Honda CD 70’s new price in Pakistan, set at PKR 149,500 after the 2024-25 budget, reflects broader economic trends and policy changes. Despite the price increase, the motorcycle retains its appeal due to its robust features, fuel efficiency, and reliable performance. As consumers navigate the new pricing landscape, the Honda CD 70 is expected to remain a steadfast choice for many, continuing its legacy as a preferred mode of transportation in Pakistan.

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