New WhatsApp Feature

Image: Reader’s Digest

The Meta-owned WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature allowing users to hide their phone numbers from other community members. The newly-launched feature is available for the updated version on Android and iOS.

The feature is aimed at enhancing user privacy and is now available for more users. WhatsApp has been experimenting with this feature that protects the confidentiality of members when they are part of the same community.

The new WhatsApp update does not allow members to see each other’s phone numbers and also hides the participant’s list. The users are also unable to react to any messages in the community to avoid revealing their numbers. Even if someone reacts to a message, their phone number would remain hidden.

Initially, the update was accessible to a limited number of people who received a message that their phone number is only visible to the contacts they have saved and the community administrators.

With this new feature, community members will be able to interact with each other anonymously. However, if someone wants to contact a member via a private message, they will have to send a request to the user.

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