From the very beginning, the year 2022 was as action-packed as it could get. It persistently started churning out those utterly significant incidents that sent waves across Pakistan’s political, social, and economic range and persisted media-worthy for a long time.

Russia attacked Ukraine. 

The Russian invasion of Ukraine remained the highlight throughout 2022, and the matter hasn’t get solved yet. Russian forces invaded the bordering country by air, land, and sea on February 24, labeled as a significant attack by one state against another in Europe during World War II.

Murree Hills became the graveyard of tourists. 

This year caught us with the spine-chilling news that at least 23 tourists, frequently families, unfortunately, froze to death after being held in their cars for hours because of snowstorms and no earnest rescue exertions in Murree Hills on January 7.

They were reported to have died since help couldn’t reach them in time. It gave the impression that nobody knew they were trapped underneath many feet of impenetrable snow. Media, witnesses, and survivors were held responsible for the administration’s hidden motives and the voracity of the local business leaders in the disaster.

Noor Mukadam case

The tragic murder of 27-year-old Noor Mukadam by Zahir Jaffer in Islamabad’s upscale neighborhood on July 20, 2021, sent reactions across the country. The incident flashed nationwide scandal and called for justice for Noor. which resulted in a positive trial and the eventual conviction of her murderer. The prosecution of the high-profile case sustained for four months and eight days. After which the court finally stretched a decision on February 24.

It was a sigh of respite for millions of Pakistanis who had their eyes glued on their TV screens to see Jaffer and his enablers convicted. Despite all warning measures, the long march members reached the capital and crossed the threshold of the Red Zone. They were left behind by Imran Khan, who called off the long march on May 26, bestowing the government a six-day countdown to dissolve the assemblies and declare an election.

Imran Khan’s dismissal as PM

First time in the history of Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan was expelled as the prime minister over a no-confidence motion on April 10. The day was tremendously thrilling due to the indecision about the result of the political movement against Khan, as the procedure saw multiple postponements spanning over 12 hours.

Karachi’s teenager becomes national news.

The teenage girl’s disappearance from Karachi’s Al Falah area on April 16 persisted a hot affair for months. The girl went missing outside her house. And later announce that she had left her family to marry 21-year-old Zaheer Ahmed in Lahore.

The case kept on in the headlines as the girl’s parents suspected she had been abducted. It became a high-profile case as. First, the establishments failed to find the girl for weeks. And after that, her persistence in her being “happily married,” created more chaos. While her parents continued thier unending to press allegations of kidnapping against the alleged husband.

Imran Khan survives an assassination attempt.

Chaotic scenarios broke out during PTI’s long march on November 3 after Imran Khan faced gunshots in Wazirabad. Where his rally stopped on its way to Islamabad. The outbreak left Khan injured in both his legs as he had bullet wounds. He was miraculously saved and still on bed rest, recovering from his injuries.

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