The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee has reasserted its exclusive authority over football activities in Pakistan. In a recent statement released on PFF’s Instagram, the federation emphasized that no football league can commence without its explicit permission or recommendations, citing their exclusive rights under Article 82 of the PFF Constitution.

PFF Blocks Unauthorized Football Leagues, Emphasizes FIFA Mandate

Recognized as the sole governing body for football in Pakistan by FIFA, the PFF’s mandate includes normalizing the football crisis and organizing timely elections. Appointed by FIFA in January 2021, the Haroon Malik-led Normalisation Committee has been tasked with stabilizing the governance of football in the country.

The PFF’s public notice declared that non-affiliated entities are prohibited from conducting any league or cup competitions. This announcement came in response to Global Soccer Ventures’ recent rebranding as the Pakistan Football League and their plans to launch a franchise league featuring 10 franchises in November. Notably, the PFF has stated that it does not support this initiative.

The Pakistan Football League previously attempted to launch in 2021 with the support of former PFF Chairman Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah, but the effort was thwarted following an attack on the PFF headquarters three years ago. The Haroon Malik-led PFF emphasized that any league must collaborate with the federation to ensure all activities align with FIFA directives and PFF regulations.

This stance by the PFF aims to bring cohesion and order to football activities in Pakistan, reinforcing the federation’s control over the sport. The Normalisation Committee continues to play a critical role in resolving the football crisis, focusing on restoring proper management and conducting fair elections. Collaboration with the PFF is deemed essential for the success of any future football initiatives in Pakistan.

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