In the first seven months of 2023, a substantial exodus of Pakistanis in search of improved job prospects abroad was observed, with over 450,000 individuals leaving the country. Data sourced from the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment reveals that by July, precisely 450,110 Pakistanis had registered for overseas employment during this calendar year.

A closer examination of the statistics unveils a diverse array of occupations among those departing the nation. Notably, 192,188 were laborers, while 96,466 assumed roles as drivers. The emigrant pool also featured 4,705 engineers, 4,431 accountants, 1,925 doctors, and 764 teachers.

Further delving into the data, it’s evident that 12,787 individuals were highly qualified, with an additional 26,405 being categorized as highly skilled.

Regarding destinations, Saudi Arabia attracted the largest contingent, with 205,515 workers migrating there. The United Arab Emirates received 121,745 individuals, while 35,637 chose Qatar, and 34,140 opted for Oman. Other notable destinations include Malaysia (16,166), Bahrain (7,441), Greece (2,565), Romania (3,275), and Iraq (2,119).

It’s crucial to note that the data from the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment exclusively represents registered individuals and does not encompass those moving abroad for education or via alternative immigration channels.

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