Pakistan Bans Export Of 212 Items To Afghanistan

Pakistan’s Islamabad: According to ARY News on Thursday, the Pakistani Ministry of Commerce has prohibited the export of 212 products to Afghanistan.

Pakistan has enacted this export embargo in an effort to preserve its own businesses and rein in the flow of goods that could be contributing to a trade imbalance. The smuggling of products into Pakistan from Afghanistan has alarmed the authorities since it results in lost revenue and a negative impact on regional industries.

The nation has imposed export restrictions on 17 different clothing categories, all types of tyres for vehicles, tea leaves, cosmetics, and a variety of toiletries.

Similar restrictions apply to the importation of nuts, dried and fresh fruits, and home appliances such as juicers, mixers, freezers, and air conditioners.

The restriction comes a day after Pakistan charged a 10% processing fee for a number of imports made in accordance with the transit trade deal with Afghanistan.

The Special Investment Facilitations Council (SIFC) apex committee’s recommendations led to the Pakistani government’s decision to stop the smuggling of luxury goods through the Afghan transit trade.

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