Pakistan finally issued visas for World Cup 2023
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The International Cricket Council (ICC) has officially confirmed that the Indian government has granted visas to the Pakistan squad for their upcoming World Cup campaign. This development comes less than 48 hours before the team is scheduled to depart for Hyderabad via Dubai. The approval from the Indian authorities was received on Monday, following a period of uncertainty that had prompted the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to express their dissatisfaction with the visa delay in a formal communication to the ICC.

At the time of the email sent by the PCB, the visas had not been granted, and the delay had already forced the Pakistan team to cancel their pre-World Cup team bonding trip to the UAE. However, the situation began to resolve as the Ministry of Home Affairs granted security clearance for visa issuance, and the process was set in motion.

Despite continuous communication between the PCB and the ICC, the PCB chose to formally address their concerns about the unequal treatment of Pakistan in this visa matter. Pakistan was the sole participating team in the World Cup experiencing such delays in visa issuance. In their communication, the PCB sought clarification from the ICC regarding the steps they intended to take to resolve the issue.

They also questioned whether written confirmations had been provided by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) or the Indian government, affirming the provision of visas to all participating nations. While the BCCI had orally assured the ICC at their annual conference in Durban that visas for the Pakistan contingent would be facilitated on time, written confirmation remained unverified.

Furthermore, the PCB raised concerns about whether the inability to provide visas in a timely manner could be considered a breach of the hosting agreement for the World Cup. As a result of these developments, Pakistan is now set to depart for Dubai in the early hours of Wednesday and will transit there before proceeding to Hyderabad on the same day. Their first warm-up match is scheduled for Friday against New Zealand in Hyderabad.

The PCB expressed its disappointment at the situation, highlighting the lengthy history of reminders and obligations leading up to this point. It’s been a trying time for Pakistan’s team, and the visa delay has created uncertainty as they prepare for a significant tournament. The PCB remains committed to resolving the matter while ensuring their team can focus on their performance at the World Cup.

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