NADRA Reveals Online Passport Renewal Facility – Check How to Apply

A new passport-issuing strategy recently unveiled by the Pakistani government aims to modernise and streamline the passport application procedure. This action will support the government’s goal to enhancing public services and make acquiring a passport for Pakistani nationals easier and more effective.

KARACHI: A standard passport will now be given in 21 days, as opposed to the previous 10 days, according to new guidelines announced by the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports (DGIP) on Tuesday, according to Geo News.

The agency discovered unlawful passport use, which made it challenging to provide a passport on time, the directorate remarked without going into further detail.

Time Savings: Passport applications will be processed more quickly and with less paperwork, saving applicants significant time. This will make it simpler to get passports for travel and other purposes.

Additionally, the DGIP recommended citizens to go to the appropriate passport offices between 8am and 1pm. It also advised citizens to cooperate with the directorate, noting that they can use the Citizen Portal to report any problems they may have getting a passport.

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