Pakistan hockey team faces setback ahead of Asian Champions Trophy in India

Shahnaz Sheikh, recently appointed as the hockey team’s consultant, unfortunately faces an obstacle as he will be unable to join the squad for the Asian Hockey Champions Trophy in India. The visa application process for Sheikh was initiated after the rest of the team’s, resulting in a logistical challenge that the team management and PHF could not resolve in time. This setback comes just as the national team is preparing to depart for India, where Sheikh was expected to play a vital role in guiding and boosting the players’ performance during the tournament.

The absence of Sheikh is undoubtedly disappointing for the players, who were eagerly looking forward to benefiting from his expertise and experience in their quest for success in the championship. Appointed by the Pakistan Hockey Federation earlier this month, the former Olympian was tasked with revitalizing the team’s performance, and his absence at this crucial time is a missed opportunity for the players to tap into his knowledge.

With the Asian Hockey Champions Trophy scheduled to kick off soon in India, Pakistan’s campaign begins on August 2 against Malaysia at Radhakrishnan Stadium in Chennai. Following that, they will face Korea on August 3, and then take on Japan and China on August 6 and 7, respectively, at the same venue.

The much-anticipated clash against arch-rivals India will be their last group-stage match, with the top four teams advancing to the semi-finals. As the team prepares for these challenging encounters, they will undoubtedly feel the absence of Sheikh’s valuable guidance and support. Nevertheless, the players will strive to give their best and make their mark in this prestigious tournament.

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