Head coach Siegfried Aikman of the Pakistan hockey team has officially resigned from his position following a salary dispute with the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF). Aikman revealed that he had not received his wages from the PHF for over a year, which ultimately led to his decision to step down.

Expressing his frustration, Aikman stated, “I have resigned from my position as head coach. For a year, I have been working without a salary. I wanted to honor my commitment, but resigning became the only viable option.” Despite numerous promises made to him, not all of them were fulfilled, prompting Aikman to seek a new path forward and discontinue his work with the Pakistan hockey team.

Aikman had previously issued a warning that he would leave his position if his overdue salary was not paid. He revealed that he had been relying on his savings to support his family for the past year and had reached the point where he could no longer be patient with the PHF.

With Aikman’s departure, the Pakistan hockey team now faces the challenge of finding a new head coach to guide them in their future endeavors. Aikman took on the role of head coach in December 2021 and witnessed notable improvements in the team’s performance on the field. However, the unresolved issues within the PHF ultimately led to his resignation from the position.

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