Karachi recently hosted Pakistan’s inaugural World Athletics-certified Marathon, drawing in a diverse assembly of national and international athletes. The event, held with meticulous attention to international standards, mirrored marathons in iconic cities like London and Paris, featuring proper routes and benchmarks.

Sohail Amir emerged as the triumphant runner in the 42.2-kilometer full marathon, completing the challenging course in an impressive two hours, 36 minutes, and nine seconds. Israr Khatak and Aamer Abbas secured the second and third positions in the fiercely contested full marathon category.

In the women’s full marathon, Mahnoor showcased remarkable prowess, leading the pack in the 42.2-kilometer race. Meanwhile, Hafeezul Barkat claimed victory in the 21.1-kilometer half marathon, crossing the finish line in one hour, 17 minutes, and 12 seconds, with Akram and Zaher Shah securing second and third positions.

Notably, news anchor Muhammad Junaid actively participated in the marathon, completing a commendable 21.21-kilometer distance in one hour, 47 minutes, and 51 seconds.

Shoaib Nizam, CEO of Sports in Pakistan, emphasized the surging popularity of marathons in the country over the past decade, with increased participation in prestigious international events such as Berlin, Chicago, London, and Tokyo.

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