Image: Express Tribune

Pakistan improved its position on gender equality, has now moved to 142nd in the list of World Economic Forum (WEF) comprising of 146 nations.

Pakistan is placed just above Iran, Algeria, Chad and Afghanistan. Pakistan’s gender parity reached 57% with huge gaps in education, work and political domains.

According to the new stats, Pakistan has improved a little in ‘economic participation and opportunity‘ with 36.2% parity, which is still one of the lowest across the globe.

The report said, “Despite relatively high disparities, parity in literacy rate and enrolment in secondary and tertiary education are gradually advancing, leading to 82.5% parity on the ‘educational attainment’ sub-index. ”

The WEF report further said, “Pakistan and Afghanistan are at the bottom of both the regional and global ranking tables.” It added, “at the current rate of progress, full parity will be achieved in 149 years.”

Pakistan was declared the second-worst country in gender parity and was ranked 145 out of 146 nations.

The report concluded, “In this sub-index, only Sri Lanka has closed its gender gap, while Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are among the worst-performing countries globally.”

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