Pakistan launches Whatsapp-like application for communication

The Ministry of Information Technology has successfully launched the Beep Pakistan communication application, tailored for the utilization of government employees spanning across 41 federal ministries and departments. The application’s future release for the public is also on the horizon.

Designed as a viable substitute for platforms like WhatsApp and other social media apps, this tool is specifically crafted to establish secure lines of communication amongst government staff. It boasts a comprehensive set of functionalities, encompassing audio and video calls, as well as video conferencing, while also facilitating the secure transfer of sensitive government documents.

During its initial phase, the app will cater exclusively to federal authorities, with plans for a subsequent rollout at the provincial level. Post its utilization by government personnel, the general populace will gain access, signifying a significant milestone in the form of Beep Pakistan – the nation’s premier homegrown social media application.

The government asserts that the application’s heightened security is derived from its servers being housed within Pakistan, thereby surpassing alternative options. Furthermore, the application’s source code will find its hosting grounds within the country. This substantial stride forward is attributed to the implementation of 83 new projects, a collective investment amounting to Rs. 79 billion.

In the momentous ceremony marking the launch of the Beep Pakistan app, dignitaries from the Ministry of IT, including the Federal Minister for IT and Telecom, Syed Amin Ul Haque, were in attendance.

The IT Minister emphasized that the app’s introduction will effectively curb instances of audio and video leaks. He also unveiled the establishment of three new incubation centers in the past four years.

He elaborated:

Presently, Pakistan is home to 33 domestic smartphone manufacturers. Notably, global industry giants have also chosen Pakistan as a manufacturing hub for mobile devices. Remarkably, IT exports, which stood at a modest $1 billion in 2020, have surged to an impressive $2.6 billion today. Aspirations are set high, with a target to elevate IT exports to an impressive $15 billion.

Syed Amin Ul Haque further highlighted the attainment of significant milestones, including the formulation and implementation of the Cyber Security Policy and the Data Protection Bill.

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