Pakistan might not host Champions Trophy 2025

After the fate of Asia Cup 2023 hosting in Pakistan hangs by a rope, it is expected that the cricket-loving nation might be deprived of Champions Trophy 2025 hosting.

As per the curriculum revealed by the International Cricket Council (ICC), Pakistan was all set to host the Asia Cup 2023 and the Champions Trophy 2025. However, following India’s unwillingness to visit Pakistan, the country’s chances to embrace the multinational events after years seem to have been eradicated.

As reported by News18, Pakistan would compensate to bear the loss of Champions Trophy 2025 being moved out of Pakistan. It has also been reported that the event could instead take place in the West Indies or the United Arab Emirates.

What report says about Pakistan hosting Champions Trophy 2025?

The report reads,

“A likely three-way barter of International Cricket Council (ICC) events between 2024 and 2025 is on the cards. Word coming out of the ICC corridors is that in return for letting go of the 2024 T20 World Cup in the West Indies and the United States, these co-hosts could be compensated with another event of similar stature at a later stage,” the report stated.

“The 2025 ICC Champions Trophy in Pakistan could turn out to be the event that goes to the West Indies and the United States as compensation for letting go of the 2024 T20 World Cup and in return, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) may get compensated monetarily for the loss.

“It is understood that right now this is merely a subject of verbal discussion between the respective cricket boards, the ICC and other stakeholders. It is also learnt that the broadcasters for the next ICC media rights cycle are in agreement with the proposed idea.”

It is unfortunate that despite prior decisions, the global cricket bodies are now going against them. While other countries will host the events as scheduled by ICC, only Pakistan is deprived of its hosting rights.

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