Wall Street Bank Citi projects Pakistan’s imminent finalization of a new four-year agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by the end of July, potentially amounting to $8 billion. This expectation is buoyed by positive indicators such as Pakistan’s 2027 international bond, which Citi recommends investing in, citing anticipated catalysts like the IMF Extended Fund Facility (EFF) program and potential Saudi investments.

The arrival of an IMF delegation, led by Mission Chief Nathan Porter, in Pakistan marks the initiation of discussions on the new loan program, expected to last approximately two weeks. Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb expresses optimism about achieving a Staff-Level Agreement on the loan program with the IMF by June-July 2024.

These talks will encompass not only the parameters of the new loan program but also the budget for the upcoming financial year, underscoring the significance of the negotiations in shaping Pakistan’s economic trajectory.

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