Image: Pakistan Today

With the latest $3 Billion loan from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), Pakistan is on its way to becoming the fourth largest IMF borrower globally.

As mentioned in the lender’s data, in March, Pakistan was ranked fifth in the list of countries who borrowed the largest funds from the IMF. However, after the recent $3 Billion loan, Pakistan will further move up in the list and will stand at fourth position.

According to the IMF borrower list, Argentina with its $46 billion loan stands at the first position, Egypt with its $18 billion loan is at second and Ukraine with its $12.2 billion borrowing is occupying the third position.

Ecuador with its $8.2 billion loan was ranked fourth in the list and Pakistan was at fifth with $ 7.4 billion. However with the new loan granted, now Pakistan’s debt has reached $10.4 billion overtaking Ecuador’s to become the world’s fourth-largest IMF debtor.

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