Exploring the intricate venue selection narrative, Haroon Malik, Chairman of the PFF Normalization Committee, has delved into the scenario surrounding the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers against Cambodia in October.

In his dialogue with the media, Haroon conveyed that the federation’s paramount objective remains to secure a venue in Pakistan that aligns with the rigorous standards set by FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation.

Elaborating further, Haroon emphasized that the federation’s plan includes approaching the government to facilitate a suitable venue. However, in cases where this proves unfeasible, they are prepared to actively explore alternative options.

The PFF Normalization Committee stands at a pivotal juncture, as FIFA has issued a pressing demand for the venue selection to be finalized promptly for their impending World Cup Qualifier.

Media sources suggest that the PFF NC has narrowed down the potential venues to two choices: the Punjab Stadium in Lahore and the Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad, both being evaluated as plausible settings for the pivotal clash.

In addition to these considerations, the People Sports Complex and KPT Stadium in Karachi are being examined as viable alternatives for the momentous encounter scheduled for 17 October.

Recent developments highlight the PFF’s initiative in engaging with the Saudi Arabian Football Federation to potentially host the Qualifiers’ showdown, in response to FIFA’s stipulation.

As a noteworthy observation, the first leg is slated to commence in Cambodia on 12 October, while the return leg, earmarked for Pakistan, is scheduled to unfold on 17 October. With the clock ticking, the PFF strives to secure a fitting platform that encapsulates the essence of this significant event.

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