In a remarkable feat last month, Pakistani squash prodigy Hamza Khan secured the prestigious title of the World Junior Squash Championship in Melbourne, triumphing over Mohamed Zakaria of Egypt.

This historic achievement shattered a 37-year-long anticipation for Pakistan, with Jansher Khan being the last to claim the revered title in 1986.

However, the day following the momentous match, the Egypt Squash Federation raised queries concerning Hamza Khan’s age, suggesting he exceeded the Under-19 category.

Amidst these allegations, the World Squash Federation (WSF) has unequivocally vindicated the emerging squash star, affirming the accuracy of his age.

In an official statement, the global squash governing body asserted that their investigation yielded no substantiated proof challenging Khan’s age as indicated in his passport.

“The consultation has confirmed the age of the 2023 WSF World Junior Squash Champion, Hamza Khan, to be in alignment with the data on his passport,” stated WSF.

Additionally, the federation has apprised both the Egypt Squash Federation and the Pakistan Squash Federation of their conclusive findings, thereby resolving the matter conclusively.

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