Two Pakistani women cricketers, Ghulam Fatima and Bismah Maroof, encountered a car accident on Saturday in Karachi, the country’s second-most populated city known for its heavy traffic. The incident occurred following a training camp in preparation for the upcoming Pakistan vs West Indies series to be held at home.

Fortunately, both players are reported to be in stable conditions, as confirmed by a press release. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) promptly provided first aid to the players at the scene of the accident. Bismah Maroof, a former captain of the national team, and Ghulam Fatima, a 28-year-old leg-break bowler, are now under the care of the PCB medical team.

The series between Pakistan and West Indies is scheduled to feature three ODIs and five T20Is, set to take place at the National Bank Cricket Arena, formerly known as the National Stadium. In a statement, the PCB provided an update on the situation, affirming that despite sustaining minor injuries, both players received immediate medical attention.

Furthermore, both players underwent precautionary CT scans, which fortunately showed no signs of serious injury. The PCB reassured fans and supporters about the well-being of the players and expressed gratitude for the medical team’s swift response to the incident.

As Ghulam Fatima and Bismah Maroof recover from the ordeal, the cricketing community sends its best wishes for their speedy recovery. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety measures, especially during travels, and highlights the PCB’s commitment to the welfare of its players.

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