Pakistanis, beware of Israeli hackers!

The federal government has issued a warning to provincial governments and ministries regarding the activities of hackers from Israel within Pakistan. Recent reports indicate an increase in Israeli hackers involved in stealing personal information from individuals, primarily targeting them through various social media platforms.

To address these concerns, the federal government has circulated a notice to all provincial governments, ministries, and divisions, alerting them to these malicious activities. The reports also highlight the active involvement of Israeli companies in the theft of personal information, urging caution when sharing personal data with suspicious entities.

In an effort to mitigate the risks, the government’s circular includes cybersecurity guidelines aimed at helping individuals safeguard themselves against potential hackers. These guidelines advise against sharing personal email addresses with unknown individuals and discourage the use of official email accounts for personal communication.

Furthermore, the guidelines stress the importance of refraining from sharing personal information and documents with unauthorized websites, as well as avoiding clicking on unfamiliar links to prevent falling victim to hacking attempts. It is strongly recommended not to install unidentified or suspicious applications on devices and to exercise caution when using public Wi-Fi networks as a preventive measure.

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