The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) made a significant announcement on Thursday, revealing plans for the upcoming general elections, scheduled to take place in the last week of January 2024. Notably, the ECP’s timeline did not specify an exact date for the elections, extending beyond the November 6 cut-off date recommended by President Arif Alvi, surpassing it by over two months.

According to the ECP’s statement, they have been diligently working on the delimitation of constituencies. The initial list for constituency delimitation is set to be unveiled on September 27. Following a period for objections and suggestions, the final constituency list will be published on November 30. Subsequently, a 54-day election campaign program will commence, culminating in the general elections in late January.

The announcement triggered a reaction in financial markets, with Pakistan’s dollar-denominated government bonds experiencing a decline of up to 1 cent. The country currently faces a funding challenge, and it is widely anticipated that it will require long-term support from the International Monetary Fund after the elections.

This news follows the ECP’s recent decision to convene a meeting with political parties next month to discuss the code of conduct for the upcoming elections. A draft code of conduct has been shared with political parties for their input before finalization.

The backdrop of this announcement includes the need for fresh constituency delimitation following the 2023 digital census and differing viewpoints among political parties regarding the timing of elections. President Arif Alvi had previously sought to determine the election date, but recent amendments to the Elections Act grant the ECP the authority to announce election dates independently.

In this complex political landscape, the path to the general elections in Pakistan is marked by legal intricacies and differing perspectives among key stakeholders.

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