The Prime Minister of Pakistan has given the go-ahead for a new sports policy, which will be implemented from 2023 until 2027. This policy is aimed at reforming the sports sector by promoting transparency, inclusivity, and efficiency in sports administration to bring about positive changes.

According to sources, the newly approved policy states that the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) will continue to have its independent status under the Olympic Charter. However, there will be a limit of two terms for POA officials, each lasting three years, and the age limit for officials contesting elections has been set at 70 years.

To ensure transparency in the election process of boards and associations, an independent election commission will be established for the national federations. A panel of adjudicators will also be available for dispute resolution by mutual consent. Furthermore, a National Sports Council will be formed to promote coordination with all stakeholders.

The responsibility of providing grants, infrastructure, and developing sports facilities will lie with the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB). Special attention will be given to promoting women’s and transgender sports to ensure their growth and development.

Overall, this new sports policy is a significant development in the sports sector in Pakistan, and it is expected to bring about positive changes in sports administration and promote the growth of various sports in the country.

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