Pandora Papers are leaked with names of politicians, military men, elites, celebrities, sportsmen and many more who own offshore companies without proper legal status.

A few years ago, Panama Papers also revealed the sensitive data of assets owned by renowned personalities across the world. These papers cost the then PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif his PM office as there were innumerable offshore assets owned by himself and his family.

The recent Pandora Papers are more lethal and sensitive compared to the Panama Papers. More than 600 journalists participated from 116 countries to compile these papers.

Pakistanis Who Made It to Pandora Papers

Pandora Papers reveal the names of 700 Pakistanis who own offshore assets. Some of these names are:

Source: English Manqoolat Magazine

  • Shaukat Tareen, Federal Minister Finance
  • Faisal Vawda, Senator
  • Ali Jahangir Siddiqui
  • Moonis Elahi, Federal Minister Water Resources
  • Sharjeel Memon, Member PPP
  • Abdul Aleem Khan, Senior Minister Punjab
  • Shoaib Sheikh, Axact CEO
  • Lt Gen (retd) Shafatullah Shah, Former President Pervez Musharraf’s military secretary
  • Major Gen Nusrat Naeem, ISI former DG for counter-terrorism NLC former
  • Lt Col (R) Raja Nadir Pervez

PM Imran Khan reacts to Pandora Papers

Source: FOX News

Pandora Papers have exposed 300 high-profile elites from different countries including Presidents of Kenya, Ukraine, Ecuador, former PM Tony Blair, and celebrities like Sachin Tendulkar and Shakira.

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