PCB Willing to Face Consequences for Honoring Asia Cup Boycott

According to a recent statement by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi, the board is willing to face the consequences of their stance on preserving their honor with regards to the Asia Cup.

Sethi mentioned in an interview that boycotting the Asia Cup and World Cup could lead to a loss of $3 million for PCB and worsen their relationship with the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Additionally, he noted that any major event featuring Pakistan and India holds great significance for the ICC, and boycotting it could create issues for both countries.

While the PCB was previously dependent on the ICC for financial support, the success of the Pakistan Super League has allowed the board to become financially independent.

Sethi also acknowledged that the public does not want the team to visit India for the World Cup if India does not visit Pakistan for the Asia Cup. Despite efforts to improve cricketing relations between the two neighboring countries, there has been little progress thus far.

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