The Peshawar University Teachers Association (PUTA) is on the brink of a significant protest as they threaten to boycott classes in response to the prolonged non-payment of salaries. This escalation comes as Class III and IV employees have been on strike for months, adding to the financial turmoil within the university.

Concerns for the students initially held back the teaching staff from participating in protests. However, the gravity of the situation has compelled PUTA to take a stand against the unprecedented financial crisis. The blame for this crisis is squarely placed on former Vice-Chancellor Dr. Muhammad Idrees.

PUTA is demanding immediate measures to address the salary arrears, setting a tight deadline of 24 hours for action. Failing this, they threaten to stage a sit-in outside the Governor’s House, signaling a heightened level of unrest.

Public sector universities in the province have been grappling with a financial crisis, a predicament now described by PUTA as unprecedented in the university’s 70-year history. The urgency for a resolution is growing, emphasizing the need for swift intervention to alleviate the financial challenges faced by public sector universities.

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