Significant developments have emerged in the case involving seven air hostesses, notably the PIA air hostess apprehended in Toronto, as reported by ARY News. The Aviation Division’s Inquiry Committee has launched a thorough investigation into the individuals responsible for appointing these air hostesses. Key figures, including GM Scheduling Ali Abbas, Deputy GM Qudratullah, and others, have provided statements to the inquiry committee.

Employee testimonies suggest a trend of attempting to deflect blame onto each other regarding changes in the duty schedule of the arrested flight attendant. Furthermore, an officer implicated in the case was stationed in the department despite previous transfers, raising questions about personnel oversight.

Assurances of full cooperation with the ongoing inquiry have been issued by a PIA spokesperson, pledging stringent action against any implicated parties. Last month’s incident involving the arrest of a PIA air hostess, Hina Sani, in Toronto for possession of multiple passports, has brought heightened scrutiny to the airline.

With seven more flight attendants on the crew of PK 789 being designated “no-flyers” for Toronto and alleged special permissions obtained through personal IDs, the inquiry seeks to unravel the chain of responsibility for these irregularities.

This incident underscores the importance of transparency in inquiry findings and subsequent actions to rebuild trust in PIA’s operations. As public scrutiny on airline operations and security procedures intensifies, there’s a growing emphasis on reinforcing accountability measures and regulatory compliance within PIA, highlighting the complexities inherent in managing international air travel security and compliance.

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