Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is set to resume its international flights from Skardu after a hiatus caused by adverse weather conditions, including fog and winter weather. The resumption of flights will bring relief to travellers in the region as operations return to normal.

Starting on April 29, PIA will initiate two weekly flights to Dubai, UAE, reinstating a service that was suspended due to weather challenges. PIA had initially launched international flights to Dubai in August last year.

However, the current weather situation in Dubai is far from ideal, with heavy rainfall causing flooding and vehicles to drown. Consequently, flight operations to Dubai are likely to resume only once conditions improve significantly, possibly within two weeks. Since April 16, PIA has cancelled 22 flights to Sharjah and Dubai due to the adverse weather conditions in the UAE.

The resumption of flights from Skardu underscores PIA’s commitment to providing connectivity to remote regions despite weather-related challenges. Travellers can anticipate smoother operations once weather conditions stabilize in both Skardu and Dubai.

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