Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has administered urgent directives to culminate load-shedding across the country, highlighting the need for quick action to handle electricity management issues. In a high-level review meeting concentrated on electricity load management and anti-theft steps, the Prime Minister drafted a series of measures to ensure the solidity and efficiency of the power sector.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif Directs Immediate Measures to End Load-Shedding and Improve Electricity Management

Key points among the directions were the expedited privatization of distribution companies (DISCOs) through the hiring of industry specialists. The PM underlined the benefits of a zero-tolerance policy towards electricity theft, devoted to personally reviewing headway on anti-theft measures every month. He called on provincial governments and law enforcement agents to wholly back this movement.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister emphasized the significance of avoiding over-billing and ordered a fast strategy for the solarization of tubewells in Balochistan. A strategy for load management in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was also signed, seeking to facilitate load-shedding, recover dues from defaulters, and lessen line losses.

The conference was told that the recent load-shedding was consolidated in areas with high power theft, notable line losses, and inferior bill recovery rates. To combat these problems, the federal government is initiating task forces at provincial and divisional levels. These mission forces will experience weekly performance assessments to guarantee effective progress.

The session was accompanied by various federal ministers, senior government officials, and provincial representatives via video link. Key attendees included Federal Ministers Ahad Khan Cheema, Muhammad Aurangzeb, Musadik Malik, Owais Ahmed Khan Leghari, Minister of State Ali Pervez Malik, PM’s Coordinator Rana Ehsan Afzal, the Chairman of WAPDA, and chief secretaries and IG police from all regions.

This memorandum aims to notably improve electricity management in Pakistan, providing a stable and reliable power supply for all nationals.

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