The Federal Cabinet has made a significant decision by revoking the Prime Minister’s authority to initiate appointments and create posts. This power has been redistributed to Ministers, Ministers of State, and Secretaries, marking a departure from the previous exclusive control held by ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Cabinet’s endorsement of proposals has led to this restructuring of authority.

Under the new arrangement, a broader range of officials including Ministers, Advisors, Ministers of State, and Secretaries will now have the authority to initiate appointments and create vacancies. This move is aimed at enhancing ministries and divisions with skilled professionals. The Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with the Establishment Division, will spearhead efforts to establish positions for these experts, ensuring a competitive recruitment process overseen by a specialized selection board.

Consultants will be subject to scrutiny and approval by the respective authorities, while the appointment of research associates and young professionals will require approval from the relevant Secretary. Notably, the appointment of technical advisors will still necessitate approval from the Prime Minister.

This restructuring initiative aims to inject expertise and efficiency into governmental operations while ensuring a meritocratic approach to appointments across diverse sectors. With authority decentralized, a more streamlined and responsive administrative structure is anticipated, promising improved governance and effectiveness in delivering public services.

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