Principal and teacher brutally beat young student in school, cause skull fracture

In a deeply disturbing incident that unfolded in Lahore’s Samanabad area, a school principal and a teacher are facing allegations of subjecting a student to brutal torture, resulting in a grievous skull fracture. The victim, a student of Iqra Rozatul Atfal School Samanabad, bore the brunt of this horrific ordeal.

Local law enforcement revealed the harrowing details of the incident, which transpired when the principal and the teacher subjected the student to physical abuse. Shockingly, the teacher forcefully propelled the young student, leading to a violent collision between the child’s head and a ceiling fan. This devastating impact inflicted a severe fracture to the child’s skull, raising significant concerns about potential brain damage.

Even more distressing is the fact that instead of promptly notifying Faizan’s parents about the grave situation, the school’s management chose to transfer him to a hospital. It was only due to the persistent insistence of his father that a formal complaint against the school administration was finally registered.

Despite the grave accusations and the severity of the injuries inflicted upon the young student, the accused principal and teacher remain at large, compounding the anguish of the victim’s family. The incident has triggered widespread outrage and a fervent demand for swift justice. Local authorities have intensified their efforts to apprehend the alleged culprits and ensure that justice is served promptly.

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