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The School Education Department announced on Wednesday that over 14,000 teachers have been promoted in accordance with the directives of Punjab Chief Minister Syed Mohsin Naqvi. To celebrate this formal announcement of promotions, the Punjab Association of Subject Specialists organized a thanksgiving ceremony in Model Town.

The event witnessed the presence of notable personalities, including Provincial Education Minister Mansoor Qadir, Secretary Schools Education Maqbool Ahmed Dhaula, Punjab Association of Subject Specialists (PASS) Chairman Rana Ata Muhammad, and President Ashfaq Gujjar.

Other attendees included Punjab DPI Secondary Mushtaq Syal, Director Elementary Education Chaudhry Amin, Consultant United Nation Dr. Idrees Rana, Malik Ehsan, Bashir Zahid Guriah, Additional Secretary Syed Tauseef Shah, Chaudhry Zafar, Asim Cheema, Syed Farqan Shah, and Farrukh Shehbaz Waraich.

Ashfaq Gujjar, the President of PASS, expressed gratitude on behalf of the teachers for the decision made by the Punjab Chief Minister to promote the 14,000 teachers. The long-awaited promotions of subject specialists across Punjab were highlighted by PASS Chairman Rana Ata Muhammad, who emphasized that this development has addressed a significant concern for teachers.

The promotions serve as recognition of the teachers’ hard work and dedication to their profession. It is expected that these advancements will motivate and encourage teachers across Punjab to continue their valuable contributions to the education sector.

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